June Carter Cash

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June Carter Cash


June Carter Cash was a famous American songwriter, actress, singer, dancer, author and comedienne, in fact she was the perfect all round package that became Johnny Cash’s second wife. June Carter Cash was brought into this world on the 23rd June 1929 as Valerie June Carter in Maces Spring, Virginia, USA to her parents Maybelle Carter and Ezar Carter. Both her parents had strong ties within the country music scene and the family were in a family band known as the Carter Family which June joined officially when she was just a tender ten year old girl. The family band soon began to branch out in different sections with June joining her sister’s and mother in the Maybelle & the Carter Sisters. This new family group was then later joined by her brothers in 1945 when June was 16. During this time June was co-announcing on a radio show and did commercials for several different well known brands as well as working with the band. In 1946 the band went on tour and visited several states where she not only performed as a singer and dance in the band but she also performed as a comedy act, which was well known to be the star attraction. In her comedy sketch she played the part of Aunt Polly which was honed and added to by her time spent at the John Marshall High School by her teachers and fellow peers.

By 1950 the band along with her father moved to Nashville, Tennessee under the wing of Grand Ole Opry management company her the family became quickly part of the true country and music scene and even became friends with some legendary acts such as Elvis Presley and Hank Williams, it was also at this time that June finally met the man that was to become her third husband; Johnny Cash. Although they did meet at this time they did not become an item until the sixties after she had already been married and divorced twice and had two children with each husband. Her first husband was the singer Carl Smith whom she married in 1952 until 1956 when they got divorced. Together they wrote many songs of which one became a huge hit; Times A Wastin. Their daughter, Rebecca Carlene Smith or Carlene Carter as she preferred to be known, also went on to become a singer inheriting both her parent’s talent for the arts. Her second husband was also a talented man but not in the music scene, he was a retired football player, a police officer and also a race car driver, whom to the world was known as Rip Nix (Edwin Nix). They married in 1957, divorced in 1966 and also had a daughter called Rosanna Lea who preferred to be called Rosie Nix Adams, who also like her sister and mother went on to become a successful singer.

June’s third and final marriage to Johnny cash began in 1968 and she remained married to him until the day she passed away in 2003. Together they had a long and happy relationship which also resulted in the birth of a child but this time she had a son who they called John Carter Cash. John Carter Cash was no different than the rest of his family and went on to carve out a successful career in singing, songwriting and also producing. As for the rest of June’s family she could lay claim to being a distant relative to Elvis Presley and also US President Jimmy Carter who acknowledged her as family and even mentioned her in one of his speeches.

During June’s lifetime she was a supporter of charity work and especially to one charity in particular, the SOS Children’s Villages in which June and Johnny donated a substantial amount of money to so that they could build a village near to their Jamaican home. It did not stop with just a donation both June and Johnny when they visited their Jamaican home visited the village and spent time with the children singing songs with them and playing the guitar to lift their spirits.

June died on the 15th May 2003 in Nashville where she had spent a substantial amount of her life. She had been married to Johnny Cash for 35 years and died after a complication following surgery on her heart valves to replace them. Not to be left alone Johnny Cash then died just 4 months later (natural Causes) to be with his beloved wife where they were both laid to rest near their home together at the Hendersonville Memory Gardens in Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA.

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